June is National Pride Month

Our office is dedicated to protecting all of our clients.  And we understand that planning for same sex partners is different.  Our laws do not always protect these relationships.  This is why we provide LGBT estate planning that works.

At McVittie-Law PC, we create wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives and assist with adoption and guardianship rights, all of which create a complete estate plan package that will protect the rights of both partners for the lengths of their lives.

Same sex partners have legal hurdles in their path.  We help clear these obstacles BEFORE they get in the way.  For example, healthcare directives (e.g. Advance Directive for Healthcare or healthcare power of attorney) are critically important to LGBT individuals in a medical crisis.  These documents can mean the difference between being alone in the hospital and having those you love near you.  We create the legal papers, including hospital visitation authorizations, that are necessary to prove your legal right to be present in the hospital room when your partner needs you, or vice versa.

This is also why our office includes a registration with DocuBank, an electronic healthcare directives registry, as part of every complete estate plan.  Carrying a DocuBank wallet card enables LGBT families (and all families) to have instant access to the legal documents they need in a medical emergency 24/7/365 – including those that prove their legal right to be involved in the care of their partner.

In recognition of National Pride Month, our office will be making a donation to the Human Rights Campaign of 10% of all the LGBT estate planning we do in the month of June.  So, if it’s time to update your plan or you know that it’s time to get started, we hope to see you next month.  Or, send your friends!  Call 503-224-6611 to make an appointment.